About Hurricane

Designed to withstand heat, dust, high wind loads, harsh and extreme environmental conditions, the Hurricane vertical vane ventilator is ideal for industrial, commercial and community buildings. The Hurricane provides efficient and cost-effective systems of natural ventilation.

The Hurricane scores over the spherical vane design ventilator in the following aspects:
  • Enhanced bearing protection against jamming for longer life
  • Significantly higher discharge
The most popular existing applications:
  • All types of industrial sheds
  • Shed ventilation in areas having high wind load
  • Shed ventilation in areas having high rainfall

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Stable in 200 KpH wind test

Leak proof in 2.5 ltr/sec rain test

Atleast 40% higher discharge than spherical vane ventilators


Extremely low starting speed ensures non-stop rotation and continuous ventilation

Vertical installation using variable angle elbow

Strong construction. Higher vane thickness prevents shearing in high winds

Bearing protected against dust, smoke, fumes

Highlights of shorter length FRP base design and unique installation procedure

Installation procedure of ventilator ensures that it does not get uprooter in high winds

Special FRP base design and installation procedure prevents accidents of people working on the roof

Leak proof installation

Completed installations
Technical Specifications
Model Dimensions - A (mm)
Hurricane 600 600
Hurricane 900 900
Material Specifications
Component Material
Top All Aluminium
Shaft Stainless Steel
VariPitch Aluminium
Base Flashing FRP matching customers roof profile
Rotating Bearings TANDACO Ball Bearing System
Benefits of Hurricane
  • Wind-powered
  • Weather-proof
  • All aluminum construction
  • A varipitch base that suits all roof slopes up to 22.5°
  • Vertical vanes for improved starting torque
  • Improved circulation of air by exhausting warm and stale air
  • Improved torque at low wind speed
  • Excellent protection against rain
  • Large exhaust opening
  • Positive locking to turbine ring
  • Greater ‘SAIL’ area to drive the turbine
  • The Tandaco pre-packed double row ball bearing system
The unique Tandaco bearing system
  • The Hurricane incorporates the Tandaco double row heavy duty Ball Bearing System, manufactured to perform for a lifetime. It is secured into a reinforced bearing holder with variable length buttresses, designed to stabilize the turbine at all wind speeds. The bearing is completely isolated from corrosive environmental conditions by its location between the dome and top diaphragm. The Tandaco Bearing is a precision Ground Spindle Bearing with a double row ball bearing cage.