A Dealer is our Partner In Customer Service to promote SVS range of energy saving products.

At SVS, we have a vision to expand activities to benefit the industry, as well as our Dealer partners. We firmly believe that our Dealers are the backbone of our company, and we extend our complete support.

As a member of the SVS family, the Dealer is committed to providing the best solution; be it achieving the desired environment in the client’s work area, helping him in achieve the energy cost reduction, or simply enhancing the efficiency of the people and assets.

SVS is committed to regional expansion through appointment of individual area representatives or Dealers. Each area would comprise of an industrial zone / group of industrial zones, depending on business potential and size. Our mission is to establish a dealership network throughout India and the SAARC countries, covering the entire industrial area.

Expectations from a prospective dealer

Wants to be part of the SVS marketing activities.

Is ready to take sincere efforts to expand to all industries present in the area of operation.

Should be our exclusive Dealer for our line of products, and will not, indirectly or directly, associate with any other manufacturers offering similar products.

Will assure no-disclosure of all sales & sales support information provided to him.

Will always try to work towards a lasting relationship.

Will devote judicious application of time, complete use of industrial contacts and complete commitment to our common cause of increasing sales.

Support from SVS

In-house training to assess the customer requirements and provide a complete techno-commercial solution.

All soft and hard copies of relevant sales support material.

All relevant enquiries received by SVS directly from the Dealer’s area of operation.

All necessary information and support required to convert an enquiry to an order.

All necessary installation and service support.

Expansion and diversification

SVS is continuously expanding its range, both in design and size of industrial ventilators. We aim to be one step ahead of all available competition and our current range of products is testimony to this fact. We also plan to introduce a range of products in the energy saving category, shortly, which will consolidate our position of leadership.