Green Technologies
Use of technologies running on freely available renewable energy resources like wind and sunlight have the capacity to drastically cut down the carbon footprint of buildings using electrical energy for the purpose of ventilation and internal lighting.

We make quality & innovative products you can feel good about.

Since 2004, in association with world leader CSR Edmonds of Australia, SVS is the leader in the provision of high quality, energy efficient ventilation products for improving the workplace environment and comfort. Our mission is to manufacture products that assist to sustain the global environment. Products manufactured include :

1. Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators also known as air ventilators, air extractors, roof extractors, roof fans, eco ventilators, wind ventilators and so on.


a. Windy - Spherical Vane Wind Ventilators:
Spherical vane design wind ventilators designed in-house by SVS. Sizes manufactured range from throat / neck size of 360mm, 600mm & 900mm

b. Hurricane - Vertical Vane Wind Ventilators:
Vertical vane design wind ventilators manufactured in technical collaboration with world leader CSR Edmonds, Australia. Sizes manufactured range from throat / neck size of 600mm & 900m.


2. EcoPower - Hybrid powered ventilators:
Hybrid wind & electrical powered ventilators capable of switching between wind driven & electrical powered modes. Manufactured with major components provided by CSR Edmonds, Australia. Sizes offered range from throat / neck size of 100mm, 150mm, 400mm, 600mm & 900mm.


3. SunInside - Tubular Daylighting Systems:
Tubular guided natural solar day lighting system developed inhouse by SVS in technical partnership with 3M. Size offered is in tube diameter 500mm.

Whether controlling the buildup of heat, moisture, pollution and even potentially harmful chemicals in the air that may be present inside the building, we pour our efforts into creating products that correct issues of inadequate ventilation and lighting.

SVS is now a major name in the Wind Ventilator Industry.

All the ventilators are manufactured at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India in a state-of-the-art facility, following the best manufacturing practices.

It takes great people to make great brands. The promoters of SVS are technical people with years of cumulative experience in fan and motor design, and manufacturing. Our small team of dedicated employees and our dealer network are the reason we succeed.

We believe we can make a difference, everywhere. To make work environment fresher and cleaner, we begin with our consumers, internal and external. We listen, we watch and we learn. We understand their needs, problems, processes and their challenges because we face them too.

We focus on creating sustainable and profitable growth by: Building a high performing, efficient organization

1. Reframing our categories.

1. Reframing our categories.

3. Optimize costs, without compromising quality.

We understand that actions speak louder than words. We at SVS are committed to:

1. Inspire trust.

2. Keep it simple.

3. Be open and inclusive.

4. Tell it like it is.

5. Lead from the head.

6. Discuss, Decide, Deliver.

1. Mr. Chandraprakash Dusad, Chairman

B.Sc. (Electrical Engg.)
Former President & Member Of Board Of Crompton Greaves Ltd
Management Consultant

2. Mr. Nirmal Khandelwal, Director

B.E. (Electronics Engg.)

3. Mr. Govind Dusad, Director

B.E. (Industrial Engg.)